a subfamily of Altaic languages
Syn: ↑Turki, ↑Turkic, ↑Turkic language
Hypernyms: ↑Altaic, ↑Altaic language
Turkish, ↑Turkmen, ↑Turkoman, ↑Turcoman, ↑Azerbaijani, ↑Kazak, ↑Kazakh, ↑Tatar, ↑Uzbek, ↑Uzbeg, ↑Uzbak, ↑Usbek, ↑Usbeg, ↑Uighur, ↑Uigur, ↑Uygur, ↑Yakut, ↑Kirghiz, ↑Kirgiz, ↑Khirghiz, ↑Karakalpak, ↑Chuvash, ↑Chagatai, ↑Jagatai, ↑Jaghatai, ↑Eastern Turki

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\\|tər(ˌ)kō+\ noun
Usage: capitalized both Ts
Etymology: turco- + tatar

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/terr'koh tah"teuhr/, n., adj.

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Turkˈic or Turko-Taˈtar adjective and noun
(of) that branch of the Ural-Altaic languages to which Turkish belongs
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